Ajoutée le 27 janv. 2015
crazy 9 year old little kid makes his mom mad on Minecraft and she
turns his xbox off! This Minecraft Trolling video is one of the best
yet! If you agree, make sure to leave a like and a comment!
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Why are you even down here, bruh?
Just Kidding, love you!


Copy and paste 4 memes.

Welcome to the under 301 club. How tuff are ya?

Editing on point, who made this video? Must sub this dude!

Giant Penis Hotel = Fine
Giving Mom's First Name = OMG DELETE AND BLOCK

I know it's like his mom liked looking at it

I actually like this mom...

+HelloKittens😺 no he said she is a ho. a hoe is used on farms. so he is calling my mom a usefull work tool

Wow I've never heard a child be so disrespectful towards his parents before.

+jordansmithsook how are you still fucking alive?

Like this comment if you didn't read it!

+Dean Munt i don't get why u posted this on my comment XD

This kid is so disrespectful

I... Have never swore that many times... I'm just a 14 year old/9th grader girl and have never been THAT disrespectful as that child. Wow. Our generation :/

At least hes open about his prefrences

that kid admitted to liking jizz ewww wtf is wrong with that kid

Can play with you I'm 9 my name is jsibayan7927

+theshcitt nope some nice kids get trolled even there nice

man his parents really over reacted

I get trolling kids on GTA because the game's intended for older people(They get what they deserve), but trolling kids on a game that's intended for them as well? I'm losing faith in this world.

I said originally.
Now a days, mine craft is intended for ALL ages. They have as much right to troll there, As the game is not specifically targeted for younger audiences.

am a 9 yr old in minceraft stap troling me n mi frends u big jrk

Your spelling is bad and you should feel bad.

I hate my mom. She didn't even ask me if I wanted to be born into this glorious world. She also acts like a huge dick by providing me a nice home, some good food, and a decent education. I NEVER ASKED FOR ANY OF THESE THINGS!!! I FUCKING HATE MY MOM!!!!


can someone say me the name of the music at 2:23 :) ?

Is Master of Luck really in his thirties or

Mom i dont want cookiez ur such skrub ill quckscope u naw. GET REKT BEAOCH

Was that a giant penis with sperm at the top

Nah. It was just a hotel with frosting on the top. Weren't you paying attention to the conversation the people in the video were having?

omg dat mom dough dat mom she is so fricken funny.....
lolololol =^•^= 

Your name is OC which is from Fairy Tail since it's Dragneel but has a profile pic of Asuna and Yuuki from SAO.

oh right im going to change my pic to my oc once im done drawing and coloring